I was invited to a fantastic event called the Lamborghini Esperienza 2013 in New Jersey.  The event has about 32 or so drivers, with world class driving instructors.  The event was held at the New Jersey Motorsports Park in Milleville NJ.  This was a great event, one of those you check off on your bucket list to have done.  We were able to drive several different model Lambo’s, the 550’s thru 570’s and the Aventadors (awesome cars).

I have been a huge fan of the Mitsubishi Evo over the years, owning 3 of them myself, and still love the Evo’s.  I have always wondered why someone would pay $200,000+ for a car.  The modded Evo has generally been faster and performed just as well as those supercars ….and all for around $30,000 into the car.  This was my first experience with a true supercar, and I would still say the modded Evo can perform very close to the low end Gallardo, but once you step up to the Aventador, there is no comparison.  The Aventador is the car for me if I was going to spend $400,000 on a car…. All I can say is these cars are AWESOME!!!!

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