I have lots of pics and video’s of drag racing events.  This is what I love to do….

June 17, 2018 – Several videos from Flashlight Drags in Waynesburg

May 25 2018 – First time out in 2018 for the Mustang at the drag strip. Ran my best again at 11.3889 at 125mph.

This is from last year in 2017,  the second time out with the 2017 Mustang GT.  This time at Keystone Raceway Park on a cooler temperature day (around 60 degrees).

Here is the timeslip….big improvements in trap speed and ET.

This is the latest car…2017 Mustang GT at Quaker City Raceway.  This is the first time out
with the car.

First time slips with the car. Ran 5 runs, best time was 11.54

This is the latest car…2017 Mustang GT at Flashlight drags.

Here is a shot taken when I was in the midst of launching the EVO in Norwalk, Ohio last year (2011).

Some videos here: