If you want to fully enjoy your car I highly recommend you join a local car […]
I decided to try out the Jetta (Daily Driver) this past weekend (5/26/2013) while I still […]
This was an awesome event taking place at the New Jersey Motorsports park.  I really enjoyed […]
Its amazing how much the weather changed from last week.  It was almost snowing out during […]
The weather turned out to be great for autocross.  I managed a decent time, but I […]
Rainy and cold day today for the Autumn Leaf event at North Park.  Despite the rain, […]
Picked up a new GoPro Camera for the racing season.  I thought I would try it […]
Test n Tune at Pittsburgh Raceway Park Finally in the 11’s.  Ran a 11.76 at 117mph […]
Drove up to Buschur Racing in Wakeman, Ohio for some tuning and dyno runs.  See the […]
08/20 to 8/21, 2011 – Drove up to the 19th annual EVO/DSM Shootout in Norwalk, Ohio […]